i.        Fujitsu General

Fujitsu General is a Japanese company producing High Efficiency HVAC products. Some

common features of Fujitsu General – Air stage VRF systems are as under:

  • High efficiency and energy saving function
  • More comfort with precision refrigerant flow control
  • Auto changeover function and quiet operation
  • World’s top class overall piping length of 1,000 m allows for application in a wide variety of


  • The outdoor unit can have a condenser hood easily connected with a static pressure of 82 Pa*4

standard. This allows outdoor units to be installed within plant rooms in high rise buildings.

  • Large diameter fan and DC motor has been utilized allowing an external static pressure of 82

Pa*4. This is approximately 2.6 times greater than the previous model.

  • High capacity connection and wide operating range.
  • Installation in extreme temperature conditions is possible due to an increase in operational range.
  • High reliability with life-extending operation.
  • The compressor starting order is rotated so that the running time is shared.
  • By adopting a large sized accumulator, not completely vaporized refrigerant stays inside of the

accumulator to ensure no liquid refrigerant is being fed into the compressor.

  • Corrosion resistant of the heat exchanger has been improved by the introduction of blue fin

treatment to the outdoor unit’s heat exchanger.

  • Innovative compressor control logic has been introduced in order to balance the refrigerant mass

flow rate of each outdoor unit by controlling the inverter speed.

ii.       SHENLING Environmental Systems

Shenling Environmental System is being supported with comprehensive and State of the Art

Services for our honorable clients. Functions and details are as below:

  • Anti-corrosion, anti-explosion and vibration resistant equipment
  • Tailor made system for Tunnels requiring, treated fresh/ exhaust and conditioned air
  • Dual cooling source, water/ground source heat pump unit
  • Anti-Vibration Air Conditioning equipment for Nuclear Power Station
  • High Efficiency Fresh Air Unit for Hydro Power Station
  • All Type of Precision air conditioning systems for Data Centers
  • VOC’s recovery condensing system for oil depots and Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Air/Water Cooled Screw/ Centrifugal/Scroll Chillers
  • Modular Air Handling Units
  • Ceiling Concealed/ Decorative Fan Coil Units

Super Tropical Self-contained roof top package units