• Our Engineering Dept. take full responsibility to provide Project Planning, Design works, Drawings, work schedules, Material and Equipment Selection. HVAC operations for installation, maintenance, operations, repairs, replacement are conducted in accordance with control documents to ensure effectiveness and comprehensive actions.
  • Our Project Management team assigns require manpower with required tools, equipment, instruments and safety gear as well to monitor the progress for each project. Our Qualified Project

managers are fully responsible to ensure compliance with contractual specification and obligations

to execute the job in accordance with work schedules.

  • Our Services after Sales team handles customers’ complaints and provides them Maintenance Services and also gives them the best Solutions to meet the satisfactory level against their Issues. The Supply Chain Management Department handles all material and equipment requirements of Customers as well as the requirements of the projects.
  • We take full responsibility for each equipment & material we select and supply and also each work

we execute in a professional manner.